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Club AR Concepción

We are a Swimming and Water Polo Club with over 100 athletes enrolled. The club is based in Madrid and we are teaching and coaching these sports since 1969. We are one of the most reputed aquatic sports clubs in Spain.

We have Swimming School for children from 6 years, so we can help you if you want your children learn to swim, improve their style or even make their first approach to sport competition.

We participate in Swimming and Water Polo national and local competitions. Our Water Polo Men and Women Absolute Teams play in the top category of the Spanish League. Our younger Teams play in the Regional Madrid League and other National Tournaments.

If you are going to be in Spain for a period of time (studies, work…) and have interest in training Swimming or Water Polo and some experience in them, come with us…!

We will be glad to meet you and give to you all the information you would need.

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Concurrently with inauguration in 1969 of the Sports Center “Concepción” in Madrid, it was founded our club: Agrupación Recreativa Concepción - Ciudad Lineal, where “Agrupación Recreativa” means “Recreational Association” and “Ciudad Lineal” is the name of the district in Madrid where our facilities are mainly located.

The foundation of the club was the result of the commitment of a group of parents, aware of the importance of sport in the development of their children, with the idea of promoting sport activities among boys and girls in the district of Ciudad Lineal, funneling them to a healthy style of life, both physically and socially.

The main objective of the Club AR Concepción is to promote the base sport and, along its history, our club have actively participated in the promotion of Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Skating, Roller Hockey, Gymnastics, Athletics, Swimming and Water Polo, all based in the Municipal Sports Center "Concepción".

Nowadays, our club activity is focused on Swimming and Water Polo, sports in which we actively participate with men's and women's teams, covering the stages from sport school to compete in National Leagues.

Children from 6 years can begin practicing Swimming and Water Polo with us through the Sports School that we operate for the Municipal Sports Institute of Madrid. From there we develop the technique and style and gradually incorporate activities that guide children towards competitive sport in a natural and holistic way.